1.) leak protection is described as any leak on your home resulting from the installation of the product chosen by the consumer.anything that was not purchased new and installed new will be excluded as part of the installation.Otherwise the roof is covered  for the duration of the warranty.
2.) wind protection is described as any shingle blown off the roof as a result of the installation of the product chosen by the consumer.each product chosen by the consumer has a maximum wind integrity.as long as the product failure is under those integritys.The consumer is covered for the duration of the warranty excluding thermal sealing period.
3.) the consumer agrees to contact our company within 72 hours of any leak or wind damage incident.Failure to do so will remove liability for  miracle maintenance llc for uncontested damages beyond the initial discovery period.Within  24 hours the consumer will be notified.We will  assess a cost of interior damage and work with your insurer to remedy the cost and extent of what is authorized.If consumer employs a third party for repair work without consent of miracle maintenance llc will be considered a violation of terms and warranty will be breached and void.warranty exclusion period includes prethermal sealing period.ice dam effects and overhang/gutter issues excluded from roof warranty.
4.) It is our sincere concern to remedy the  consumer his investment.It is our  standing to make any incident that may arise a first priority in our day to day activity.As long as we are allowed the oppurtunity we will correct a applicaton error by our installers.

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